Monday, May 10, 2010

election day!

Election day!

I had a terrible experience for the first automated election here in the Philippines. We went in the precinct this morning at around 10 am and got a priority number of 466 and that time they were serving 70+. So we went home first to prepare our lunch and we went back at around two pm but still the number serving is 200+. It was around 6pm that I went inside the room to vote for my chosen president down to my municipal councilors.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


hi guys! its been a while since since my last visit here in my personal blog.

Hmm, election day tomorrow for local and national election here in my country and this election is one of the most remarkable election in the history of the philippines. Tomorrow, we Filipinos will try to vote using the PCOS machine by Smartmatic. And this is the first and the start of an automated election here. Since then, we were just settled by manual election, just by writing the names of the candidates in the paper and it is manually counted but now, ITS VERY DIFFERENT and I am so excited!

Now, I went to attend Holy Eucharist this morning and I pray for the success and peaceful election tomorrow!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tennis graduation day

May 30, 2009 and this is the last day of our summer free clinic in tennis. At first, I thought I wouldn’t gone this day. I don’t know how to play tennis and I wasn’t interested in playing this game because of the fact that I will really play under the heat of the sun. But as day pass by I admit that I am beginning to love the game. I already begin to like the court and the people in the court. In this game, I gain more friends and experiences that I will really treasure for life. Tennis really brings back my life and this game helps me forget something/someone that I need to forget and I really thank this wonderful opportunity!

I would like to thank my Nanay for her unending support because she keeps on giving me allowance. Char lang!haha To my newly friends in the person of Jaira, kring, Paulette, Zia, Ivan, kristine, the Pulot boys, etc and also to Kuya tan2 who is always teaching me how to hold the grip correctly. To Coach Buboy Diamente, a very big thank you in behalf of your students because we really learned how to play tennis from the basic strokes and also thank you for being patient and understanding. For fifteen days, you become our father and you also treat us as your sons and daughters. And most especially we would like to thank the LGU for this free clinic headed by our own Honorable Mayor Joselito Pinol for this project. And also to God for the good weather and for the good health that he gave to us.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pacquiao defeated Hatton

The most awaiting battle between the East and the West is finally over!

And as we, Filipinos expected Manny Pacquiao wins the battle. I'm very proud because he made it! He really brings pride and glory for our country.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009


hi guys! wutz up?? If you'll ask me what I am doing well, definitely you might get shock!This is quite serious because I am editing my resume and application letter.

I am in the state of job hunting since i only graduated last March 21, 2009. You can take a look in my sample application letter and my resume and maybe if you find it interesting you can hire me!

Application Letter
April 27, 2009

Karen Aparece
Human Resources Group, Recruitment and Placement
Banco de Oro
Rizal Branch, Davao City

Dear Ma’am Aparece,

I am writing to apply for any vacant position at your company. As requested I am enclosing documents – my application letter, transcript of records and resume. I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for the vacant position.

With a BS Degree in Information Management, I have a full understanding in IT-related projects. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

I have backgrounds in some programming languages such as VB 6, C++ and Java programming, databases such as MY SQL and MS ACCESS and web developing languages like HTML, Java Script and PHP. I also had an experience in developing Software through our Systems Analysis and Design Course. I also know a lot in accounting and managerial stuffs. I am capable of speaking in English and Tagalog.

I am willing to undergo training and further studies if needed to help me develop and improve my knowledge and skills.

Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.

I can be reach anytime via my cell phone number, 09296874299. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward for your positive response.


Mylen Jen V. Geguinto
2nd Opal, Obrero Street, Davao City



2nd Opal Street, Obrero Davao City
Mobile No. 09296874299 E-Mail:

Career To become a system analyst or technical writer wherein I can practice Objective: and enhance my skills in technical documentation and in other IT
related job.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Management
Ateneo de Davao University
Graduated: March 2009

Work On the Job Training (June-October 2008)
Experience: HRC Lifemates Philippines
Central Plaza Building
JP Laurel Street, Davao City

Projects Aqua Mega Water Refilling Station
Completed: Sales and Purchasing System
School Project – System Analysis and Design
Duration: June 2007 – March 2009
Programming Language: Stand-Alone (Visual Basic 6)
Database: MS ACCESS

Computer Studies Online Trading System
School Project – Project Management and Database Systems
Duration: June to October 2007
Programming Language: Web (phpBB)
Database: MySQL

Online Tindahan Business Plan
School Project – Technopreneurship
Duration: June – October 2008

Britz Internet Café Business Plan
School Project – Senior Practicum II
Duration: November 2008 – February 2009

Involvements/ Philippine Society of Information Technology Student
Organizations: Member 2006 – March 2009
Ateneo Circle of Computer Studies Students
Member 2006 – March 2009
SAMAHAN member
2005 – March 2009
General Assembly of Class Presidents
2006 – 2008
Nature’s Watch Club
Member, 2008-2009
CFC-Youth for Christ
Member, 2003-2009

Skills and Basic Troubleshooting
Interests: System Analysis and Design, Software Design and Implementation
Web Development: PHP, Javascript
Stand-Alone Development: MS Access, Visual Basic 6
Database Management: MS Access, MySQL
Business Graphics Software: SmartDraw and MS Visio
Computer Networking
Computer Architecture
Microsoft Office Package
Accounting, Marketing and Management Skills
Proprietary and Open Source Technologies
Oral and written communications
Blogging: Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla

Trainings Technopreneurship Training
& Seminars: February 2007 – Regency Inn, Davao City